Get Rich Reselling Public Domain Content

There's a bunch of money being made right now by people that know where to find great public domain content and how to resell it. This report is a basic introduction to reselling public domain content.

Examples of Public Domain Images

People are using public domain images, RIGHT NOW, to imprint on t-shirts, caps, buttons, plates, jerseys and other clothing items. They are using them to design websites, create business logos, use on brochures and other marketing materials. They are selling them on discs through online services like Kunaki as graphics packages. I could go on forever. For the never ending list of business ideas using this royalty free content as well as a huge listing of places to find them, READ THE FREE ARTICLE mentioned on this page (or see this hubpage "Making Money with Public Domain Content")..

Here are some examples I picked up from various government websites. (You will be surprised how much of the governments work resides in the public domain and is free for anyone to come along and use)

Where to Find Public Domain Images

Images that are in the public domain and free for you to use and profit from are everywhere. Being in the public domain just means that there are no copyright restrictions stopping you from using it, not that since you can find it on the internet, it is public domain. Many people, especially when they are just starting out online seem to think that the entire internet is "public domain".

It's not! There are ways to make a lot of money reselling public domain content but you first must know how to determine what is or isn't free to use.

Read this FREE REPORT => "Ways to Make Money Using Public Domain Content", to find out about the different ways to get rich reselling public domain content, where to find unlimited supplies of it and how to determine that it is in fact, free for you to use (not knowing that last part can be a fast track to getting sued!)

Public Domain Profit Blueprints

Profit from public domain content:

The Public Domain Report
Public Domain Report Factory
Public Domain Advantage
Public Domain Survival Kit
Public Domain Prowler Software


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